Progress in Plant Protection

Progress in Plant Protection

The Progress in Plant Protection

(recommended abbreviation: Prog. Plant Prot.) 

is continuation of Progress in Plant Protection/Postępy w Ochronie Roślin

The PPP is a quarterly journal publishing original refereed research, short communications, general manuscripts and implementation manuals, and book reviews. Subject areas include broad range of plant protection. The PPP accepts papers in Polish and English from national and international research centers. The PPP is the important leading journal of new trends in crop protection.


The PPP publishes the results of at least two-year studies.


Intended Readership: various scientists such as bacteriologists, biochemists, biologists, cell biologists, chemists, ecologists, entomologists, foresters, geneticists, horticulturists, microbiologists, molecular biologists, mycologists, nematologists, plant pathologists, plant physiologists, seed pathologists, soil scientists, virologists, and weed scientists, agriculture schools, extension services, inspectorate of plant health and seed inspection, breeders, farmers, fruit and vegetable producers and agro-companies.


Online version is the original version of the PPP


ISSN 2084-4883 – ISSN online version
ISSN 1427-4337 – ISSN print version


DOI (digital object identifier) of the PPP is 10.14199