Progress in Plant Protection

For Reviewer



Reviewer receives an email inviting to evaluate a manuscript and needs to respond to the editorial staff within 5 days.

If the reviewer does not accept the invitation within this time frame, the Section Editor may send an email reminder.

If the reviewer does not accept the invitation after 5 days, the Editorial Board has the right to resing from cooperation and ask another person to perform the review.

A reviewer has 21 days to evaluate a manuscript and if he/she does not submit a review, the Section Editor is responsible to send a reminder.


After accepting and invitation to review a manuscript, a reviewer downloads a manuscript as PDF. Reviewers are expected to recommend a particular course of action listed below but the Section Editor makes a final decision.
1. Accept
2. Accept after corrections
3. Re-consider after significant corrections.
4. Reject


A reviewer needs to provide a descriptive review that should contain specifications referring to the following topic:
– originality of work,
– correspondence of a title to manuscript content,
– relation of an introduction to the described research (purpose and research hypothesis)
– relevance of selected materials and methods
– selection of statistical analysis
– transparency of tables and figures
– interpretation of the results
– accuracy of discussion of the results
– correctness of conclusions
– up-to-date literature
– selection of key words
– application of units

As the PPP works with a double blind system a reviewer stays anonymous.


If a reviewer responds (choice 2. & 3.), the Section Editor sends a letter with reviews regarding a manuscript to an author asking him to make corrections and send it back.
Upon re-submission of a manuscript the Section Editor has the following choices:
1. decides to accept a manuscript for publishing
2. sends it for consultation to the reviewer regarding a final decision (after a respond from a reviewer, the Editorial Board decides if manuscript should be published, rejected or contacts the author again.

3. rejects a manuscript.