Progress in Plant Protection

Progress in Plant Protection

Progress in Plant Protection (PPP) is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers research concerning all aspects of modern plant protection. The PPP publishes papers covering mycology, plant virology, bacteriology, entomology, nematology, molecular biology, biotechnology, biological methods, weed science and plant protection measures, and precision and organic farming (disciplines: agriculture and horticulture, chemistry).

The journal publishes original scientific articles, manuscripts, short communications and book reviews. The papers are published mainly in Polish with summaries in English but papers written in English from Polish and world research centers are also accepted.


Progress in Plant Protection is a continuation of Progress in Plant Protection/Postępy w Ochronie Roślin, which was published continuously in 1996–2013.


Scoring by Progress in Plant Protection according to the announcement of the Minister of Education of January 5, 2024 amounts to 40 points.


The PPP publishes the results of at least two-year studies.

(recommended abbreviation: Prog. Plant Prot.)

Online version is the original version of the PPP.

ISSN 2084-4883 – ISSN online version
ISSN 1427-4337 – ISSN print version


DOI (digital object identifier) of the PPP is 10.14199

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The PPP uses an anti-plagiarism program

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